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Why all the talk about evolution?

As you can see from my recent posts, it's obvious I am on a bit of a "kick" regarding evolution. You might be wondering whether or not this blog will only be all about this topic. Those who know me know that when something gets under my skin and bugs me, it must fully "run its course."

I will, probably, ...eventually, find something else to rant and jump up and down about. To allay the fears of Confessional Lutherans who may be reading this and worried that I may not care about "Lutheranism", yes, I am equally as upset with the manifest errors of historic Calvinism and many of the other things that are near and dear to you as I seem to be with the theory of evolution. However, like many of the things I have an opinion about, I don't think I can add anything useful to the debates at this time. Until I do, I ask you to check back regularly. Perhaps I'll say something that will tickle your interest.

Also, if you have a topic that you think I should be considering, or if you have an opinion you think I should consider, leave me a comment! One of my reasons for blogging is to have another avenue to interact with others. I don't like one-sided conversations (no matter which side I'm on), which is why you will often see me critically engaging something written by someone else rather than just "going off" on my own thoughts.

I pray for God's blessings to you and yours this Holy-day Season of Christmas!


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