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Need more proof of Media Bias?

In case you need yet more proof of a concerted effort to discredit Christianity, the following links to a story that the AP is running about a gnostic writing (the Gospel of Judas) which supposedly has attestation of Ireneus, Bishop of Lyon's writings.

This is the THIRD STORY this week which has eclipsed a scientific study that babies 5 months after conception actually do feel pain. Wonder why that story got buried behind scientific conjecture about Jesus walking on Ice and fish walking on Land. And in case that wasn't enough, now we have the Gospel of Judas (which is NOT news -- since Irenaeus wrote about it in 180 AD --- talk about digging up the past in a slow news week).

National Geographic has translated a 1700 year old papyrus which claims that Jesus asked Judas to betray him.

Rather interesting that this story seems to have broken today and there are already major news organizations running full stories on it... not just the AP wire stories either.

I suppose I should expect this type of thing, but it still bugs me.

[Click on FULL POST below to see some of the articles -- some articles require registration with the news organization (e.g. NY Times and Chicago Tribune)]

Here's some of the links:
  • USA Today
  • NY Times
  • National Public Radio - Surprise, Surprise....

    The National Geographic has also created a website devoted to the Gospel of Judas.

    Even if we accept the patent assault on Christianity as something that is to be expected (which I do), the fact that these stories get play over the murder of innocent babies that we now now know feel pain as a scientific fact is even more irritating and disturbing.

    Christianity has always been under assault, and I make no pretense that I expect anything else. And with the Da Vinci Code book and upcoming movie, we can expect a certain amount of stuff like this. But when Jesus walking on ice instead of water, a gnostic gospel, and a fish with arms gets more play than a scientific study that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that babies (who can be legally disected while still alive in the mother's womb) feel pain --- one wonders where the priorities of editorial policymakers are.


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