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Did Jesus Exist?

I thought the world was messed up enough, apparently I was wrong.

Apparently, an Italian court case is in process which will decide whether or not the Roman Catholic Church is breaking the law by teaching that Jesus existed.

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From the article:

I started this lawsuit because I wanted to deal the final blow against the Church, the bearer of obscurantism and regression.

Luigi Cascioli, who brought the suit, has a web site [english version] which includes the original complaint in English.

Even Cascioli admits, "It would take a miracle to win," according to the article.

This would be absurd, except the web site has a significant amount of information on it. The whole idea of a case like this prompts a number of questions. The most important of which is, what (if anything) should we do to prepare to give an answer when the media wave hits our shores? Followed very closely by what will the fallout be if Cascioli wins?

Our faith is built on the historical reality of Christ. Paul himself appealed to the historical reality of the resurrection.

I know, ultimately the court can't decide historical truth but that's not really the point. Our religion is an historic religion. It's based on historical facts -- provable facts. We "believe, teach, and confess," the historical reality of the incarnation, death and resurrection of Christ. We already have problems with the resurrection part, that started immediately after it happened. Now it appears even the historical reality of the incarnation and death of Christ are in question.

If he was not born and did not live, he could not have died. If he didn't die, justification is a non-starter. Not to mention that the resurrection is an impossibility as well.

We could sluff it all off and say, "I take it on faith," but that seems to betray something characteristic about Christianity-- Namely, the historical reality of Jesus himself.

Perhaps the historical apologists like Josh McDowell and Lee Strobel might have a place at the table after all.

So, how about it, will the existence or outcome of this suit have any real impact on the church? Why or why not?

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