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Author's Note: This is simply a rant. There's no deeper meaning here than the fact than to point out that the "scientific establishment" is comprised of a bunch of double-minded ninny's who can't make up their minds about what's what.

[begin rant] Ok, this type of thing just bugs me. The global scientific body on climate change will report soon that only greenhouse gas emissions can explain freak weather patterns (with the obligatory "we gotta do something about this!"). At the same time, the only permissible theory about human origins is evolutions. So I ask -- are we (humans) simply a naturally occuring phenomena -- a product of evolution or are we something special and unique?

I think readers of this blog know my answer, but the scientific community seems confused.

If we're a product of evolution, then let us and the environment adapt around one another. If it's all just random mutations and gradual changes, then let things go on changing while we do what comes "naturally" to us -- even if that means making a mess of the environment. Things will evolve like they always have -- making changes to adapt. And we shouldn't worry about the species we're killing, they obviously couldn't adapt well enough -- so, survival of the fittest says they weren't fit, so they didn't survive.

If on the other hand human beings are a special creation of God placed on earth to be stewards of His creation -- then at least the cries of "we should do something" have a place.

Ultimately, I'm really not certain what to think about global climatic change. Scripture teaches that we're out to destroy creation because it is a creation of God and we're now, because of the fall, enemies of God (that's one logical ramification of the fall). From that vantage point there's something that rings true to the doom and gloom.

But in all honesty, I'm not certain that they have much credibility when 30 or so years ago they were concerned about the coming ice-age because of global cooling (I remember talk of it even into the early 80's when I was in grade school and middle school). Now they're worried about global warming... c'mon make up your minds!!!!

All that aside, I just wish the "scientific community" would tell us once and for all what our role in the universe is? Are we just an organic part of it (i.e. evolution) or should we exercise some level of care and concern (i.e. creation)?

Ultimately, this post is simply a rant at the insanity of the scientific establishment. So long as they remain double minded -- I reserve the right to tell them they're (as my father used to say) smokin' "whacky backy" (i.e "tobbacco" that makes you 'loopy'). For people who claim to only use reason and logic and observation, they often seem to do none of the above.

What it boils down to for me is -- Either we are products of evolution or we're not. If we aren't -- if we've been CREATED to care for the world, then the cries of "we must do something" make sense. On the other hand, if we've evolved, then the scientists should just all shut up and let the world mutate around us -- there's no moral imperative for me to give a hoot because there's nothing "out there" by which to guage moral behavior. [end rant]


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