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Da Vinci Code Movie given Green Light

It's "good news / bad news"...

On the one hand, part of me wished this would stop the movie's release and we wouldn't have to deal with it. On the other hand, such an interpretation of Copyright Law would be bad as well.

So I guess I have a very mixed reaction. The danger to people's faith is real with all of this heresy and falsehood being spread, but most of it is something the Church has weathered before. Once bad law gets institutionalized, it's nearly impossible to fix. Since the God doesn't promise to come to us through the legal system but only promises to come to us through His Word and Sacraments, I guess I'm happy that reason and good legal interpretation prevailed in this instance.

Now it's up to the Church to work carefully at combatting the spiritual ramifications of this movie -- but PLEASE don't do it on Sunday morning during the Divine Service -- people need to hear more about the real Jesus who died, unmarried and childless, after walking on water not ice, without making a compact with Judas, in order that all mankind would be saved from the punishment of their sin. [And those are just the heresies and lies that the popular media have been talking about in relation to Jesus this week -- wait till next week, there'll be more.]


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