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And the word of the year is.....

The AP reports [CNN] A panel of linguists has determined that the word that best reflects 2005.

The word is "truthiness." Apparently the word was made up by Stephen Colbert.

From an article on Media Bistro
"Truthiness is sort of what you want to be true, as opposed to what the facts support," Mr. Colbert said in a recent interview. "Truthiness is a truth larger than the facts that would comprise it -- if you cared about facts, which you don't, if you care about truthiness."


While Mr. Colbert intended that the word be used in a derrogatory way against cable news commentators, it seems a reasonable word to describe how most of us view the world.

Rather than look at the objective facts in Scripture about the reality of the world, we look at things as we want them to be.

We want to be the masters of the universe instead of realizing that the Creator of the Universe is its master. When we realize the futility of this, we try to bargain with God and accept him on our terms instead of as his. When this doesn't work, we seek to make God irrelavent and ignore him entirely; instead, seeking to worship creation instead of the Creator.

We watch specials like PBS Special about the three major "faiths" of the world and Barbara Waltars about heaven. These substitute the "truthiness" that all religions lead to the same place instead of proclaming the fact that God has re-established a relationship with us through one means. A relationship that we broke by attempting to assert ourselves and "be like God."

We continue to "be like God" and probe the mysteries of the universe while avoiding any mention of Him through the "sciences" of Intelligent Design and evolution .

And then we have people trying to outright deny the historical truth of God's love for us by attempting to destroy those who speak the truth about the universe.

In all of these cases, the reality of the universe is obscured -- along with the Gospel. The reality that we live in a world that is corrupt because of sin. That corruption brought death and destruction to the world. It is because of that corruption that the world seems disfunctional, unfair, and imperfect. But in spite of all we have done, in our sinful condition, to destroy God's creation, He didn't give up on us and start over, He still actively upholds and preserves that original creation and even undertook to restore the relationship with us in spite of our sinful condition.

We "get" to heaven only one way, through Jesus Christ - not Mohammed, not by following Torah. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is the one and only mediator between God and man. No one come to the Father except by Him.

This grace is a gift. Through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ God has reconciled us to himself. Because of Christ, we can approach God as His beloved children -- as He created us to be.

We needn't live in the "truthiness" of our deluded sinful selves any longer. God has revealed Himself to us in the most real way possible. He came, lived among us, took our infirmities, our sin upon himself. He died in our place. To prove that this was sufficient, he rose to life again on the third day. That is the TRUTH of the universe.

My prayer is that God would make that truth known to all mankind and through this, they would be brought out of their delusions of what is "truthy" into the real truth of Christ.

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