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Tell me again...?

Tell me again how messing with God's order for human procreation is a "good thing"?

BBC NEWS | Health | IVF sperm 'contamination' concern
This risk [of inserting foreign genes into human embryos during IVF] remains theoretical at the moment.

Hmm... After all of my reading about what a theory really is in the evolution debate, I'm not sure that's too comforting.

Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science Page 127-
In science, a theory is not a guess or an approximation but an extensive explanation developed from well-documented, reproducible sets of experimentally-derived data from repeated observations of natural processes.

Update: 1/3/06 - 9:46 PM

maybe they could use this from now on? Although, the alarms in this article seem to be louder than in the original article I posted about.

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