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New Time-Waster for Broadband Users!

Ok, I've found a new time waster... It's everything that video dialtone promised but never delivered. Like so many other community sites, it's got a lot of junk and some good stuff.

How I frittered away a good chunk of the morning:
I found THIS conspiracy theory video about 9/11 on YouTube. It's about 20 minutes long [NOTE: If you're sensitive to the events of 9/11 still, don't watch. There's a lot of scenes that include footage from that horrible day]. It's very well done and was quite thought provoking. So I had to dig around and cull through my thoughts on the matter.

The basic premis is that Bush and his cronies were behind the destruction of the buildings - there's a massive coverup -- yada,yada,yada. You can find all the salient features at Wikipedia without the footage or the soundtrack (although I wouldn't mind a copy of the soundtrack... but I digress).

But after spending 3 hours or so digging through conspiracy theories and looking at reports, I'm back where I started... I don't think there was a conspiracy. I think the events happened the way that the "official record" records them (for the most part). One thing I found particularly helpful was this article at Scientific American -- published approximately a month after 9/11. The more I think about it, the physics seem to work out (I'm not a phycisist, but I play one on my blog). That's not to say the event hasn't been used as a political tool, but that's bound to happen.

Anyway -- enough rambling for now. I have more thoughts about this, but I need to get something done today.


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