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J.M. Reu's "Homiletics" Textbook Now Available!

I've made my favorite homiletics textbook available. It's title is Homiletics: A Manual of the Theory and Practice of Preaching by J.M. Reu D.D. of Wartburg Seminary. The publication is a reprint of images taken from a 1922 first edition. There are three versions available. Hard Cover ($33.22), Paperback ($23.74) and a "Coursepack" ($14.77). Descriptions of each are available as well as a PDF file which contains a preview of the introduction.

The introductory pricing shown here will be available for at least two weeks.

The hardcover and paperback editions maintain the pagination of the original (nearly 650 pages total) and have been scaled to be slightly larger making the print easier to read. The "coursepack" edition is printed two pages of the original book per page of the reprint, like when you had books reproduced in a college coursepack.

Fulfillment is Print On Demand, meaning when you order a copy, it gets printed. I have no pre-printed inventory. There are bulk discounts available for orders over 26 copies -- however, an even lower price can usually be negotiated if you contact me directly.


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