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Don't you know who I am ?!?!

I found this interesting article at the Telegraph. It seems that the subtle threat, "Do you know who I am?" to a social inferior in Italy may land you in court!

We all like to think we're somebody. It's part of the fallen human condition. Add to that any sort of hierarchical structure which gives someone the privelege to think that they are somebody special, and swollen heads abound.

Then, even outside the context to which their status pertains, they continue to think they're somebody. But, as was aptly pointed out in the article:
"Usually the people who use this phrase are either out of touch with reality or they don't count at all," said Fulvio Sarzana, a Roman lawyer.

"Anybody who really is someone moves with a little more caution."

As Christians, we know that our righteous status before God is only by His grace accomplished through the work of Jesus Christ. We have no right to our place in heaven. In fact, we deserve never ending punishment because of our willful sin against God.

Thanks be to God that He is gracious. Through that grace, He shows us not only who we are, sinners who have been forgiven through Christ, but also who everyone else in the world is, a sinner, forgiven through Christ.

In spite of the fact that others may not realize it, God's word declares it to be true.

Let us then walk in a way which makes clear that we know this truth; that our brother, sister, co-worker, boss, and even our enemies are what they are, sinners, who have been forgiven through Christ.


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