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Real Life sets back in

Well.. real life has set back in. After a protracted break where I accomplished nearly none of my goals, real life is back, classes have started -- and time, as usual, runs short. Things on my blogs have slowed down and will likely become more related to classwork.

For those of you wondering about posts from last week and the week before and trying to figure out what "standard fare" will be at this blog, my effort is to be 'heady yet practical' -- I tend to think deeply about any topic I engage, so except for the occasional brief quip related a news article, don't expect much light reading here.

The purpose for publishing here is more interaction and to have my ideas and thinking challenged -- not to pontificate. So if (or rather when) I get too heady (or head strong), feel free to pull me back to earth with a "What does this mean?" or if you think I'm off base -- let me know.


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