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This is NOT Science!

Puh-leeze !! This is Science?

Ok, so they find a fossil of a fish that has something that resembles the eustacian tubes of human beings (i.e. the tube that connects the ear to the throat). Now all of the sudden, this is a precursor to the human ear. I'm confused. It's a great "theory," but c'mon... where is the "observation" and "measurement" that links this to modern humans? I mean, who saw the fish turn into a person? Or, where are the recorded observations of one or more scientists who witnessed the progeny of these animals as they they procreated through time... eventually becoming human beings?

We are told that science is based on "observation" and "measurement" of phenomena by the scientific establishment. Then they go and violate their own rules by adding assumptions and faith. Let's get back to real science that works from what we know to be true, not what we think or hope might be true.


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