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Rick Warren's Ideas Do Some Good?

Ok, I've railed on him quite a bit... but it does actually appear that Rick Warren's books might be doing some good in Charasmatic/Pentecostal circles. I'm not going to endorse Warren's theology, but apparently his book has at least changed one pastor's mind about one aspect of ecclesiology.


3. Be sensitive to how spiritual gifts are exercised
We made the decision to change the way the gift of prophecy was exercised. Any member of the congregation with a word of prophecy first speaks with me or another designated person who discerns if the message is genuine and appropriate.

This is by no means a ringing endorsement (or any endorsement) for Warren on my part, and it must be said that there were mitigating circumstances. But, at least according to the this "senior pastor of a Charismatic church established in the 1970s during the earliest days of the Spirit-led movement in New England," Warren's book in part led to the change. So I guess, "all things do work together for good..."


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