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Itialian Case against existence of Jesus - part of bigger goal

There's more information out about the Italian court case between an atheist who is trying to prove that Jesus is a fabrication of the church and a Roman Priest (the defendant in the case) for claiming that Jesus is an historical figure.

From a new article from CNN:
Cascioli says he is merely going through the necessary legal steps in Italy so he can ultimately take the matter to the European Court of Human Rights, where he intends to pursue the case against the church for "religious racism."


So here we apparently have the reason that Cascioli is attacking the historicity of Jesus. He wants to get Christians declared "religious racists." I don't think that this case is insiginificant with these goals in mind -- and while the case in Italy will likely fail, I'm not quite so certain about a case at the EC failing.

I'm guessing if he gets the EC to rule in his favor, he'll use that as leverage for a UN ruling -- possibly at the International Crimminal Court.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I'm not sure I'm willing to travel too far down the path with questions escatalogical significance at this point, I would say that the quote above is an interesting development.

"Why now?", you ask.

"I was born against Christ and God," he said. "I'm doing it (the complaint) now because I should do it before I die."

Well, at least he understands the human condition regarding our own natural ability to fear, love, and trust in God. It's sad to see someone so deluded and obviously lost and condemned by stark refusal to believe the truth.

What are your thoughts about the significance of this case and Cascioli's attempts and future plans at the EC, ICC, or UN?


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