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Men and Women are wired differently?

There's a report (NYTimes) of research that indicates men and women are actually wired differently when it comes to feeling empathy.
In the study, when male subjects witnessed people they perceived as bad guys being zapped by a mild electrical shock, their M.R.I. scans lit up in primitive brain areas associated with reward. Their brains' empathy centers remained dull.

Women watching the punishment, in contrast, showed no response in centers associated with pleasure. Even though they also said they did not like the bad guys, their empathy centers still quietly glowed.

What implications might this have for:

Women in combat
Men in "empathy" based careers (nursing, for instance)
The role of gender in Jury selection

That's just a quick list of things that seems would be impacted by such research. Can you come up with others? Does this say something about Women in Ministry? (if so what?)


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